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14-16s Courses - Stroud Campus

Courses for 14-16 year olds - Stroud Campus

SGS College offers a wide range of subject areas on our Flexible Access courses for 14-16 year olds who are in mainstream schools or Home Educated, in the form of:

  • L.I.V.E. (Learning In a Vocational Environment) courses which take place on one day per week and must be accessed via your school. LIVE courses are designed to run alongside your GCSEs as a point of entry to your chosen career path. The courses are structured to provide a vocational experience that will compliment your school work and enhance your understanding of the relevant Industry/career line.
  • E.C.P. (Early College Placement): A full time course of study (approximately 16 + hrs per week), infilling on a range of academic and vocational courses.
  • Flexi-LIVE, a Bespoke provision: The college may offer prospective 14-16 students a tailor-made course of study (part or full-time) after discussion with school, parents, students and college staff .

These courses lead to an accredited qualification and are aligned to suitable progression pathways leading to higher qualifications or a career

Courses accessed by Home Educated students will follow the same access criteria as would be applied to any student but initial contact should be made via:

Nicola Styler, 14-16 years & School Liaison Manager
tel. 01453 761202 or 01453 761243
e mail:
SGS College, Stratford Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL 5 4AH

For further details please use Links below

L.I.V.E. Calendar and events L.I.V.E. courses 14-16 years provision - Information for Home Educated pupils

For 14-16 year olds the college aims to provide:

  • Suitably qualified and experienced teachers and support staff
  • A healthy and safe environment
  • A structured, accredited, vocational training experience
  • Regular monitoring of progress
  • Progress reports to the Education Provider, students and parents/guardians
  • Guidance for progression
  • An interactive attendance monitoring system

All under 16 year olds (and their Parent/Carer), will be required to sign the Student Agreement form as a condition of entry to courses at the Stroud site. As minors they will be signing to say that they agree to:

  • Attend regularly and on time
  • Have a parent or guardian telephoning the college in the morning if unable to attend (Nicola Styler, 14-16 years & School Liaison Manager on 01453 761202 or 01453 763424 or by e-mail:
  • Remain on the campus for the whole session
  • Complete work on time, to the best of their ability and seek help if needed
  • Eat and drink in designated areas only (not in classrooms) and put all litter in the bins provided
  • Behave at all times in a manner that will not compromise Health and Safety regulations.
  • Treat other students and staff with respect at all times
  • Switch off mobile phones /iPods/other electronic devices during session times
  • Not access unsuitable material on College systems
  • Observe a no smoking policy for LIVE students
  • Wear I.D. Badge and Lanyard at all times when on site
  • Abide by the rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures of the college whilst on the campus


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