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SGS College NEW Part-time Course Guide for Spring/Summer 2017

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Course Level Start Date Duration Campus
Camera Ready for the Holidays with Jonty Bewley
10/04/2017, 17/07/2017 1 day
First Steps in the Darkroom and Film Photography with Jonty Bewley
18/05/2017 5 weeks
One for the Album! With Jonty Bewley
20/07/2017 2 days
Summer School - Life Drawing with Lesley Trussler
20/07/2017 1 day
Summer School - Carving and Construction with Barbara Ash
17/07/2017 4 days
Summer School - Contemporary Jewellery with Jessica Turrell
17/07/2017 5 days
Summer School - Enamelling with Matt Benton
17/07/2017 5 days
Summer School - Experimental Print with Rachel Toon
17/07/2017 3 days
Summer School - Introduction to Fused Glass with Ruth Adams
10/07/2017 3 days
Summer School - Making Ceramics - Art and Craft
17/07/2017 5 days
Video Mode with Jonty Bewley
12/04/2017, 18/07/2017 2 days
Art History
All levels 05/04/2017 5 weeks (No class 12th, 19th April &amp, 3rd May), 5 weeks (No class 12th &amp, 19th April &amp
Creating images using Photoshop
All levels 30/03/2017 5 weeks
Experimental Textiles
All levels 29/03/2017, 30/03/2017 5 weeks
Introduction to Photography
All levels 30/03/2017 5 weeks
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