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Student Finance – What You Need to Know

The Student side of Finance....

We recommend that all Students obtain access to the Fees and Charges Policy.

Fees and Charges Policy


The Cashiers Team are here to help you navigate yourself around the Fees & Charges Policy and provide guidance and information when needed to help you understand your responsibilities with respect to your fees.

As part of your enrolment, the Finance Team facilitate a specific payment week where we are available to take payment for any fees that are due as notified to you in your Joining Instructions. Outside of 'Payment Week' our Cashiers want to help you to pay your fees on time and, if necessary, can support you with setting up an instalment plan so your course fees can be paid via monthly instalments.

During your course, your Tutors may organise Trips to provide you with opportunities to participate in activities and gain from experiences not available in the normal college setting. A fee will be charged for any trip deemed non-essential. Again the Cashiers Team are available to you so that you can pay for your Trip on time. Once you have received the Trip code from your Tutor, you are able to pay contributions towards the Trip at a time that suits you.

Credit Control

Should you lose track or get behind in paying your fees, or should you feel that circumstances are such that a refund of fees you've already paid is due, then the Credit Control Team are here to help.

Student Financial Support

At SGS we have a range of financial support schemes that may help you with the costs of college life. For more information visit our Money Management Service.

Money Management Service

Paying Course Fees

To make a fee payment outside of the financial enrolment week please contact one of the key contacts below. The finance team are also able to offer a payment schedule to students looking to pay fees monthly. You can find the payment schedule agreement form HERE.

Finance Team - Key contacts

Jarrod Wisniewski - Head of Operational Finance
Location - Filton
Telephone: 01179152450

Claire King - Cashiers Team Lead
Location - Filton
Telephone: 0117 9092265

Kate Arnold - Cashier
Location - Stroud
Telephone: 01453761218

Matthew Jones - Credit Control Team Lead
Location - Filton
Telephone: 01179092271

You can contact a member of the Finance team at If a member of the Finance team is unavailable on site, an SGS staff member will be able to put you in contact or inform you of when to visit again. Alternatively you can call SGS College on 0117 931 2121 and select option 4.