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Is AAT the answer to an unfulfilled career?

The thought of changing careers can be a little daunting. Being uncertain of what new career path to choose or how to go about training stop many from ever making the jump. Luckily, changing careers has become more acceptable and training more flexible.

There are a number of retraining possibilities out there but there is one qualification in particular that organisations confidently know represents knowledge, diligence and extremely high professionalism in relation to their work. That qualification is an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) course, which offers a cost-effective and accessible route to a flexible career in accountancy and finance.

A career in accountancy can be a great choice and offer excellent job prospects. Accountants whose work is of a high standard can quickly progress to positions of responsibility, and accountancy roles often attract high salaries.

Covering the South West of England, with courses running at campuses in both Bristol and Gloucestershire, SGS College’s AAT courses are internationally recognised qualifications based on real-world accounting knowledge that can be put to use from day one in any industry.

SGS offers AAT courses from levels 2 to 4. Level 2 does not require any AAT qualifications or work experience in accountancy. Upon completion learners can progress onto the level 3 and then level 4 qualifications, which will equip completers with the practical skills and knowledge to work in any area of finance.

Courses are also run on a part-time basis giving people the opportunity to work while studying.

The College has courses running throughout the year, with the next course due to start September 2017.

Head of Professional and Financial Services at the SGS Filton Campus, Sarah-Stephens Lewis, comments: “AAT is the UK's leading qualification and membership body for accounting and finance employees. Our dedicated team of professionally qualified tutors have more than 20 years of accountancy experience each allowing learners to receive diverse, interesting, up to date and relevant training leading to enhanced employment opportunities.

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