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Parent Portal

Parent Portal

Your Electronic Individual Learning Plan

All students at SGS College have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which tracks their progress through their studies. The Parent Portal allows you to access your son or daughter's ILP from anywhere with an Internet connection as long as you have been given permission from your son or daughter to access their ILP.

Once logged on it allows you to see attendance figures and academic records. This includes sections about their studies, targets set by tutors, assessment grades and details of certain meetings between tutors and your student.

How to Access


You need to create an account and link it to your son or daughters ILP. To do this you need a few pieces of information. If your son or daughter has given you permission to access their ILP, you will receive a letter with a unique 3 digit code. You will need this and your son or daughter's unique student reference which can be found on their ID badge


  1. Click the Access Prarent Portal button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Click "Request login":
  3. Fill out the request form and press submit.

The email address used on the form will be sent an email to authenticate your email address.

Your request will then be reviewed internally and you will be granted access if your son or daughter has given their permission. Once the request for access has been granted you will receive a confirmation email.

Over the year we will be developing the system and we will email you as the year progresses to inform you when we add new information that can be accessed through your account.

If you experience any difficulties please contact our Enrolment Centre on 0800 0567 253 or email

What to expect?

Attendance and Punctuality Reports

Headline attendance and punctuality figures for your student including a count of absence marks to date, full year attendance rates, recent attendance percentages and last attended date.

Units and Assessment Information

From 2014/15 SGS College will be using the Parent Portal to record which units and assessments each learner has to complete during the duration of their course. Each of these will be course specific and tutors will put the achieved grade against each unit, task and assessment when they are complete. By doing this, the Parent Portal will give you the ability to see which elements of the course are left to complete, which are already complete and the grade for each unit or assessment to date. This will be used to monitor learner's progress throughout the year to keep learners on track.

Academic Feedback

Staff and students are able to write comments against each unit studied. By sharing these comments we hope to provide a tool to identify strengths and weaknesses which, with support, can help students improve on their grades in future units.

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