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Weather Warnings


If there is expected to be severe weather in the form of snow etc, the decision to open, or remain closed, will depend on the confidence we have that students, visitors and staff will be able to access car parks and pathways safely. Our facilities staff will start work at 6am and only when they have assessed the safety of the various sites, will a decision be made. This could take up to an hour, depending on the work required.

We will also take notice of weather reports, and public transport news to establish if more bad weather is expected, or public transport services in and around the SGS sites will be affected. The judgement is not only if the sites can be opened in the morning, but if the conditions will decline during the day and present a problem for people to get home again.

On this basis any decision will be communicated via the following channels by 7am:

Please note, we understand that we have many staff and students who travel long distances or may be in areas which may be adversely affected by bad weather. The College can't make the decision for you to begin travelling, this decision must be yours to make depending on your own assessment of the difficulties or dangers of leaving your home. The decision to open a site means that when the decision is made, we are confident that when you get to site you will be able to access the college facilities safely.

If you do not feel it is safe to travel because of the weather conditions, or are late / cant come in because of the timing of a decision to open the college and have missed a bus or train, just let your manager / tutor know and this will be an acceptable absence. It is more important to ensure your safety than to rush a decision. Please bear with us and allow us to make the right call for everyone's safety.